A corporate life

I am a software engineer. We, the software engineers, driven by growing business needs, build efficient code, develop complex software and change the world. Our primary focus is to pursue strategic initiatives, help our company to dominate the market share and become the leading player in the global sector. Thinking out of the box is in our DNA.

Me and myself

Sigh. Such a beautiful night.

Yeah, yeah. The night is black and the moon is white, just like any other day, or night. Blah, why is this train camping so long at Mandya of all places? At least, you got the whole lower side berth. Lesser noobs to bother about.

Kya ba ye Rockstar?

My dear friends, I love you all. I love you guys so much and I feel such an overwhelming desire to spend some time with you that I mutely agree to your suggestions to watch a Bollywood movie together. Mere brother ki dulhan, Mausam, Ra.One… I somehow sit with you and watch while eating popcorn or listen to your movie reviews without letting out any comments. But, have I hurt you so much unknowingly? Have I made you feel insecure or brought you immense grief anytime? If so, please take a club and give me a sound beating. Take a whip and unleash your wrath upon me. Or just shoot me in the head.

Why take me to ROCKSTAR?

If you don't watch football, it is ok.

Your weekends are ruined by these people. You go to a restaurant, they talk about football. You go for bowling, they talk about football. Arey, you go to a temple also, they talk about football.


As his mount jumped high up in the air, Hedin drew out his sword. He looked into Mia’s eyes but he could find hatred, no more. She bowed her head down in veneration before his sword touched her neck.

But, Blachem did keep his word. The very next moment, he had stabbed the last surviving knight from the back, in full fledged fury.

In the family

The loo is the thinking man’s temple. Yes, apart from finding eternal peace, I firmly believe that it is the origin of creativity, and of stale, insipid ideas. It is when you are unloading old shit from your system that new shit enters your head. So, I had this eureka moment yesterday and I decided to write about a few trivial observations related to… my family.


He hated this uniform. Oh, how he hated it, though he was aware of the fact that he was given much more respect when he was wearing one. It just seemed ridiculous to be confined in the compact “sack” on such a humid day. Well, at least the fan was still rotating, albeit rather slowly and creaking once in awhile, unlike the day before when it was dead altogether. He settled back comfortably in the wooden chair, stretching his legs and his gaze swept across the room and his four comrades. Then, he started thinking about her with a dreamy smile.


*ringtone* Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam|Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam 


“Hey Dude! What’s up? What you up to?”

“Hey! Nothing much. Just listening to some Bollywood songs.”

“DUDE! What is wrong with you?! Stop listening to such …”

Okay. That is it! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Not a concocted convocation


We had just departed from our home the previous night to reach our college campus, yet that line sounded so meaningful.

How the terrorists died in vain due to an open letter

The scene opens with a long shot of cmus walking down an empty 4-lane road in Delhi on a blistering day. The whole city is deserted, not a single soul in the vicinity. Then…


 I am sick. I am weak. I have lost all hope in this world. I am as thin as your LCD monitor. You can count the number of bones in my body with great ease. I got some hair left on my head, like anyone gives a damn nowadays. I think I’m suffering from Mempholis disease, I’m not so sure. My eyes are swollen and yes, I stink! Bite me.

Visual Perception

“This is beautiful Petey!” Sophie exclaimed in delight.

Peter felt a warm glow inside. He loved it when she called him Petey. Everyone else called him Peter or just Pete.

“Tell me,” Sophie continued in her enthusiastic tone, “is this the best place you’ve seen till now? This is simply terrific!”

A drive to remember

So, we are on our way back from no-words-to-express Pondicherry. Just less than ninety miles away from home now. Here I am seated on the navigator’s post , an L board looming right in front of me and a “Baby on board” warning label 3 feet behind me – a constant reminder of who is driving the car!

The Happening Trips!

The time of senseless chatter and jibber jabber is gone. We are all working professionals now. Where is the time for all that nonsense I say? Five days a week, we are all busy earning money for our overseas clients. It’s just the weekends when we get some time to breathe. So, come Friday, we bright engineers, want to just get out of this busy city life, hang out a bit and go back to those college days. So, my overpaid-tronix-mate initiated this time.

A road trip! Yes yes! We should have a road trip!

I hope you choke!

This is just a figment of my imagination - I would suggest you read this while listening to the song 'Ticks and Leeches'. If you don't have the song or if you are too lazy to download it, you might as well skip this article.

Pièce de résistance!

‘’Beware before you read…
You may die laughing…’’

These were the first few words I read in the Crossword bookstore, before buying Mandar Kokate’s Pièce de résistance, ‘Oh Shit, Not Again!’, the outsta-nding novel in his collection of one book.