How the terrorists died in vain due to an open letter

The scene opens with a long shot of cmus walking down an empty 4-lane road in Delhi on a blistering day. The whole city is deserted, not a single soul in the vicinity. Then…


 I am sick. I am weak. I have lost all hope in this world. I am as thin as your LCD monitor. You can count the number of bones in my body with great ease. I got some hair left on my head, like anyone gives a damn nowadays. I think I’m suffering from Mempholis disease, I’m not so sure. My eyes are swollen and yes, I stink! Bite me.

Visual Perception

“This is beautiful Petey!” Sophie exclaimed in delight.

Peter felt a warm glow inside. He loved it when she called him Petey. Everyone else called him Peter or just Pete.

“Tell me,” Sophie continued in her enthusiastic tone, “is this the best place you’ve seen till now? This is simply terrific!”