Kya ba ye Rockstar?

My dear friends, I love you all. I love you guys so much and I feel such an overwhelming desire to spend some time with you that I mutely agree to your suggestions to watch a Bollywood movie together. Mere brother ki dulhan, Mausam, Ra.One… I somehow sit with you and watch while eating popcorn or listen to your movie reviews without letting out any comments. But, have I hurt you so much unknowingly? Have I made you feel insecure or brought you immense grief anytime? If so, please take a club and give me a sound beating. Take a whip and unleash your wrath upon me. Or just shoot me in the head.

Why take me to ROCKSTAR?

If you don't watch football, it is ok.

Your weekends are ruined by these people. You go to a restaurant, they talk about football. You go for bowling, they talk about football. Arey, you go to a temple also, they talk about football.


As his mount jumped high up in the air, Hedin drew out his sword. He looked into Mia’s eyes but he could find hatred, no more. She bowed her head down in veneration before his sword touched her neck.

But, Blachem did keep his word. The very next moment, he had stabbed the last surviving knight from the back, in full fledged fury.

In the family

The loo is the thinking man’s temple. Yes, apart from finding eternal peace, I firmly believe that it is the origin of creativity, and of stale, insipid ideas. It is when you are unloading old shit from your system that new shit enters your head. So, I had this eureka moment yesterday and I decided to write about a few trivial observations related to… my family.