He hated this uniform. Oh, how he hated it, though he was aware of the fact that he was given much more respect when he was wearing one. It just seemed ridiculous to be confined in the compact “sack” on such a humid day. Well, at least the fan was still rotating, albeit rather slowly and creaking once in awhile, unlike the day before when it was dead altogether. He settled back comfortably in the wooden chair, stretching his legs and his gaze swept across the room and his four comrades. Then, he started thinking about her with a dreamy smile.


*ringtone* Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam|Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam 


“Hey Dude! What’s up? What you up to?”

“Hey! Nothing much. Just listening to some Bollywood songs.”

“DUDE! What is wrong with you?! Stop listening to such …”

Okay. That is it! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Not a concocted convocation


We had just departed from our home the previous night to reach our college campus, yet that line sounded so meaningful.