A drive to remember

So, we are on our way back from no-words-to-express Pondicherry. Just less than ninety miles away from home now. Here I am seated on the navigator’s post , an L board looming right in front of me and a “Baby on board” warning label 3 feet behind me – a constant reminder of who is driving the car!

The Happening Trips!

The time of senseless chatter and jibber jabber is gone. We are all working professionals now. Where is the time for all that nonsense I say? Five days a week, we are all busy earning money for our overseas clients. It’s just the weekends when we get some time to breathe. So, come Friday, we bright engineers, want to just get out of this busy city life, hang out a bit and go back to those college days. So, my overpaid-tronix-mate initiated this time.

A road trip! Yes yes! We should have a road trip!

I hope you choke!

This is just a figment of my imagination - I would suggest you read this while listening to the song 'Ticks and Leeches'. If you don't have the song or if you are too lazy to download it, you might as well skip this article.

Pièce de résistance!

‘’Beware before you read…
You may die laughing…’’

These were the first few words I read in the Crossword bookstore, before buying Mandar Kokate’s Pièce de résistance, ‘Oh Shit, Not Again!’, the outsta-nding novel in his collection of one book.